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Uwyn releases RIFE, a revolutionary Java web application framework

November 3, 2002

After several years of internal development and prototyping, Uwyn releases the third version of its application framework to the public.

Uwyn has formalized its approach for building web applications by gradually abstracting distinct functionalities during the creation of real-world web applications. All collected case-figures have been used to create a global design for an extremely flexible framework which has been in active development for more than a year.

RIFE aims to offer a viable solution for rapid web application development in Java without being troubled by the complex implications of J2EE. It allows the usage of any additional components and it doesn't enforce the user to adopt all integrated solutions.
You use what you need. No more, no less.

RIFE builds upon the robustness of the Java platform, but offers all the required tools and APIs to implement and perform all common website related tasks in a fast, intuitive and consistent manner. It is composed out of a large collection of modular parts, which include:

The central part is the web application engine which formalizes all aspects of dynamic web development. It graceously solves all doubt, confusion and maintenance problems of HTTP's statelessness and liberal CGI interface.

RIFE has been designed for perfect separation of tasks during a development cycle. Every developer, designer and database administrator only has to focus on his own tasks. At any moment the work can be effortlessly integrated with the work of the rest of the team.

RIFE is released as free software under the GPL license and can be freely used for commercial web applications.
For commercialy distributed products that build upon RIFE, Uwyn has to be contacted to purchase a commercial license.

For more information visit:

RIFE's project web site : http://rifers.org