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Uwyn releases RelativeLayers, a free cross-browser javascript library

March 22, 2001

RelativeLayers unifies web design and takes it a step further by introducing features such as error handling, browser detection, real-time moving / resizing / clipping, relative positioning and dimensioning, external page embedding, a revised event model, automatic limit enforcement, drag & drop and a lot more.

Uwyn always develops websites using the official specifications from the browser vendors and standardization organizations. Some designs however require the additional control and power that is promised to be delivered by Dynamic HTML.

The problematic situation of standard conformance and compatibility in the web development world made us analyze what issues had to be resolved before the development became more comfortable and pleasant again.

Everybody who has tried to create designs using Dynamic HTML has certainly been annoyed by the differences in implementation amongst browsers. Over the years, a large number of proprietary functions have been designed that all offer their own particular advantages. This makes it very difficult to create state-of-the-art websites that still remain compatible between browsers.

Since the release of formal specifications for DOM , CSS and EcmaScript a light has been shining at the end of the tunnel and recently each vendor has shipped a version of their browser that implements those standards to certain degrees. However, without 100% conformance to the specifications, all this isn't much use. Keeping track of all the little differences and variations still makes the web designer's task tedious as hell.

Dynamic HTML provides the foundation of a powerful design medium. The functions that interact with the underlying technology are however not versalite enough to be able to develop pixel-perfect designs that automatically adapt themselves to different resolutions by effectively using the available space in the browser-window.

RelativeLayers fulfills this promise by offering a cross-browser javascript toolbox, leading the way to pixel-perfect and flexible designs.

RelativeLayers is available for free download and can be used according to the well known LGPL public license.