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Uwyn develops GreenEnergy website for Greenpeace Belgium

January 1, 2003

Soon the electricity market will be liberalized in Belgium.

Greenpeace contacted Uwyn to develop a website where visitors can find information about the ranking of each energy provider.

A dedicated and custom-built administration section enables Greenpeace to update all the data in timely fashion.

The data is localized according to the active language and region since the available energy providers are different according to these criteria. Every page allows the visitor to switch amongst these settings with one click, after which the displayed data is instantly updated.

The supplier ranking is accessible through logical and easy to remember URLs which indicate the language and the region settings. According to the format of the URL, web or print versions are generated. Visitors are thus given the possibility to select the most appropriate visualization method. They can switch between them at will or reference either version directly for usage in press publications, television shows, topic sites, etc ...

The web site is accessible at http://energie.greenpeace.org.

More information:

Our showcase entry of this project gives additional screenshots and an overview list of all feature highlights..