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Uwyn announces Bla-bla List: free, secure, simple and sharable To-do lists

March 24, 2005

Bla-bla List is a free, secure, simple and sharable to-do list service that runs inside a browser without requiring any installation. Users are able to sign up in a matter of seconds and access their to-do lists from anywhere with internet access. The interface is compact and streamlined, allowing it to stay open at all times without cluttering screen estate. Even when users are asked to re-authenticate, Bla-bla List remembers what they were doing and lets them continue afterwards without interruption. Lists can be shared both privately and publicly, allowing secure collaboration or lists being published for the whole world. The service has been developed by Uwyn and is hosted freely at http://blablalist.com.

The open-source foundation and powerful back-end architecture allows developers and other service providers to integrate Bla-bla List with a minimal of efforts. Uwyn has already planned to create versions that run on mobile phones and PDAs, as well as integration into desktop environments and development tools. This will allow users to select the most appropriate version for the work they're doing, making the handling of their to-do lists as comfortable as possible.

The service is accessible at http://blablalist.com.

More information:

Our showcase entry of this project gives additional screenshots and an overview list of all feature highlights..